The Airegin Mafias (Chapter 2)Part 3

The Airegin Mafias (Chapter 2)Part 3

Yes, I think it’s already clear from the soil texture and color. But how do we throw them off without an argument?”

“We will do whatever we need to do my friend,” Don Pedro replied.

After almost an hour in the restaurant, the Drug Lords were back in the car and on their way to the soil laboratory.  Akhil and Ajeet’s car was the one immediately before. Lord Frederick and Don Pedro could see their from  behind, their host partners discussing just the same way they’ll like to do but they couldn’t as they feared that the car had been bugged. They kept exchanging the tablet devices when it was necessary to discuss.

“I think they’re being careful,” Akhil said, looking into the device in his hands. Their visitors car had really being bugged as suspected, a video bug placed at the front of the car showed all the visitors’ actions.

“Yes, what do you expect?” Ajeet asked, adjusting his jacket as he looked out through the window. “Those guys are one of the most notorious drug lords in the world, you don’t expect them to act like kids in the game.”

There was a brief silence again as Akhil continued to stare intently at the screen of the device. “Asides the first question, they’ve not said anything else to themselves,” Akhil added.

Ajeet turned his eyes into the car and took a look at the device in Akhil’s hand. He stared for a brief moment to confirm what his friend just said

“Do you think they could be discussing with the tablet they’re exchanging?” Akhil added as they saw their two visitors bend towards each other to look into a device.

“I think they’re just viewing something,” Ajeet said.

“No, I think they’re up to something,” Akhil put in defensively.

“You think?”

“Yes, or what else could be the reason for their quietness?”

“They dare not try anything stupid,” Ajeet said in a threatening tone. “They should remember we are their hosts.”

“These guys have a very large network of men and partners, even in our country, they won’t be scared of anything.”

“It’s our country, we have a whole lot of men than they could ever have here and we also have the government’s support.” Ajeet retorted.

“Let’s…” Akhil’s phone rang as he was about to reply. He took it out and glanced at his screen, “They’re calling again.”

“Let’s hear what they have to say,” Ajeet urged.

“Hello,” Akhil said into the phone as he answered the call. He listened for a brief moment and then a frown appeared on his face, he exchanged a knowing look with Ajeet.


“Hello friend, please we just have to stop by at the hotel first. I need to get something from the room.” Don Pedro said into the phone.

There was a brief silence, then the voice answered in low tones. “What would you like to take? We could send one of your men to do that for you.”

“It’s a medicine, I have to go myself. It seems my system is reacting to something we ate,” Don Pedro replied.

There was another silence, longer than the first. “Okay, we’ll stop by and wait for thirty minutes.”

“Thank you,” Don Pedro said and hung up. He kept his phone into the pocket and began to type in something on the device again.

“They’re feeling very uncomfortable with the idea, they might have began to suspect us.” Lord Frederick Don Pedro’s message on his own device. They had stopped passing the tablet and resorted to chat as they envisaged that the action could arouse suspicion.

“They’re not dummies of course, they will suspect.” Lord Frederick replied the chat.

“Yes, but we just have to do what is necessary. We should just apply carefulness.” Don Pedro replied back.


“I knew they were up to something,” Akhil said, cursing under his breath. Ajeet remained quiet and kept staring into the screen of the device in his friend’s hand. “How come they didn’t mention anything about the uneasy feeling to themselves?” Akhil added.

“Damn! I feel like I’m gonna poo in this car…” A voice finally sounded from the device in Akhil’s hand. Don Pedro was grabbing his belly and closing his eyes in pain.

“Be patient my friend, we’ll get to the hotel soon.” Lord Frederick was heard replying his friend.

“I hope it’s not far from here, else I’ll have no choice.” Don Pedro said again.

“… I’m still not convinced,” Akhil slammed his fists on the head rest of the driver’s seat.

“Be calm man,” Ajeet said and stared blankly outside.

 “Turn to the direction of the hotel and drive faster,” he turned his head back into the car and said to the driver.

They got to the hotel in less than twenty minutes and Don Pedro was allowed to rush into his room while Lord Frederick walked leisurely to his. Ajeet and Akhil waited outside for their visitors.

Don Pedro rushed to the drawer in the room and opened it, he took out a two pills from a bottle and threw them into his mouth, squeezing his face bitterly as he chewed.

Then he took off his shoes and laid in the bed like a man who needed rest, resting his head carefully on the pillow. Of course he needed rest from his sexual acts the last night but this was just an act to prove that he was really feeling uneasy. His eyes began to carefully search for something at the ceiling of the room. Then he located it, the camera. He took his eyes off immediately and glanced at other places. After a total of ten minutes rest he got out of bed and straightened up his cloth. Then he dialed a number on his phone.

“I’m ready, let’s go.”


An hour later, they were in the soil laboratory. Lord Frederick and Don Pedro had their lab coats on as they carried out the soil tests while their hosts were somewhere at the door, watching them.

“The soil is suitable for nursery,” Don Pedro whispered to his friend.

“Yes, exactly what the texture suggests.” Lord Frederick replied in whispers.

“I have an idea,” Don Pedro said and turned back, taking his hand gloves from his hands. A lab attendant moved closer with a neat bowl, the men dropped their hand gloves into it.

“What’s your idea?” Lord Frederick asked as they took off the lab coats.

“What does the time say?” Don Pedro asked in reply. Frederick stared at a wall clock before them, it was a minute past the thirteenth hour.

“Hmm…” Lord Frederick hummed thoughtfully, understanding his friend’s message. “Same thing with the Romans?”

“Yes,” Don Pedro replied and they approached their hosts. “We’re done, let’s proceed to the next stage.” He said.

The hosts led the way outside and they climbed down the stairs. They led their visitors into another room for a meeting.

“Who did you say carried out the test previously?” Don Pedro asked as soon as they were seated.

Akhil and Ajeet exchanged a look, wondering why the question was asked.

“A soil scientist,” Akhil replied. He and his friend had previous knowledge about the soil suitability for nursery but in a bid to deceive their partners had taken them to a part of the plantation whose land had been poisoned for the purpose. Their main purpose was to deceive the visitors into giving them the seeds for a little amount of money with the mindset that they were going to remain in partnership. They knew the money would be way higher if the visitors find out that the plan was a one time deal.

“Well, we purified the sample we got and took out the irrelevant elements. If the whole land is treated, then it can be used for the nursery.” Don Pedro said.

“Oh!” Ajeet and Akhil feigned surprise. “That means we can raise the seedings here too?”

“Yes,” Don Pedro affirmed.

“We never knew that,” Akhil put in.

“Our plan was different,” Lord Frederick joined. “But since we can see that you guys are ready, we’d bring in the seeds for two billion dollars.”

“What…da…f!” Akhil exclaimed, his eyes turned angry immediately. Ajeet also shot a furious look at them but remained in silence.

That was the visitors’ decision, it was the plot they had used for their Roman business and they intended to use it with the Asians too. It was about raising the price to an unaffordable level and then, leaving the partners without a choice than to obey some of their own conditions that’ll be more favorable to them.

“We’ll pay,” Ajeet said, Akhil shot a quick look at him.

To be continued

The Airegin Mafias (Chapter 2) Part 2

The Airegin Mafias (Chapter 2) Part 2

Don Pedro and Lord Frederick kept on walking round a place that looks like a plantation, a very big piece of land but had no building or anything on it. Just an empty piece of land, occasionally Frederick and Pedro will squat to pick up soil samples from different parts of the land. Ajeet and Akhil followed them but kept a reasonable distance as they all navigated round the piece of land, Ajeet and Akhil’s bodyguards were fixated all around while General and Eric stood at what looked like the gate of the large piece of unused land. Pedro walked slowly due to lots of various activities he had the previous night at the hotel, varying from having lots of drinks, dancing with the asian hookers that were organised for them and to top it all, having sex with three of the girls while Frederick on the other hand just had one which explains Don Pedro’s fatigue. General and Eric also had some girls to themselves too but theirs was more like having sex and standing guard at the same time.

General and Eric are not actually best of friends as their philosophies to like is quite different but they just had to work together anytime they are on a trip like this, Eric is a very bossy guy who sometimes forget that General is also a head guard to Lord Frederick as he is to Don Pedro. Sometimes he’d send him on annoying errands which General always objected bluntly and with a stern warning too. Couple of times they have been engaged in fights but always held each other back at the fear of their bosses. Eric is also a macho man and is almost as tall as General but broader in chest than him.

Their highest form of quarrel happened few months ago during one of Don Pedro and Lord Frederick numerous meeting at their hideout in Airegin, One of Lord Frederick’s men had left the gate opened and just at that moment a police van passed by blowing sirens, it was a miracle that the opened gate was not noticed by the police. Immediately the police van was out of sight, Eric demanded to know who left the gate opened and when he got to know it was one of Lord’ Frederick boy, he pounced on him but just in time as he was about to hit the boy, General held back his hand. Out of anger he flipped a blow at General but General quickly saw the unexpected blow and weaved but before he could gain back his balance, Eric used his hand General was holding to shove him away which made General stagger backwards. General was about to launch an attack but was held back by Lord Frederick’s voice that day. Ever since then they have always avoided invading each other’s space, sometimes they chat themselves when they are the only ones alone but deep down, they still had unfinished business with each other.

“That will be all” Lord Frederick Announced to Ajeet and Akhil as they walked closer to them.

“How long will it take to test the soil samples and get a result now?” Ajeet asked

“Before sunset tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow, it all depends on the equipments in the laboratory and their efficiency” Don Pedro replied.

“Alright then, let’s get you to the lab immediately then” Akhil.

General and Eric rushed towards Pedro  and Frederick to grab the soil samples in their hands. Some of Akhil’s guards quickly brought water for Don Pedro and Lord Frederick to use in Washing the dirts of their hands. They both took out the hand gloves simultaneously, washed their hands and entered into one of the cars together while General and Eric entered into the car behind.

“So what do you think” Pedro broke the silence as he asked Frederick who was busy with something on his Tablet, Frederick raised his gaze and quickly returned it back on the Tablet, he punched some words into the NotePad and passed the Tablet to Pedro who reluctantly took it from him wondering why Frederick was acting strange.

“We can’t talk till we are out of the car, we don’t know if the car is bugged” Pedro read slowly and barely audibly what Frederick wrote in the notepad, he nodded his head at Frederick who in turn nodded back. Pedro cleared what he wrote and punched his own too into the notepad and passed it back to Frederick.

“Even the Lab we are going to and the hotel room might be bugged too” Frederick also read slowly and barely audibly too what Pedro wrote in the pad.

“What do we do then?” Frederick typed again

“Let’s stop by at any restaurant around, I am famished” Pedro replied on the pad as he picked up his phone and dialled Ajeet’s number.

“Hello Don Pedro” Ajeet spoke as he picked up the call on the other end of the line.

“Sorry to bother you but we are actually very hungry now, we need to stop by at the next restaurant” Said Pedro into the phone.

“But we have made arrangements for your next meal already” Ajeet tried to argue.

“Please let’s just stop over at the next restaurant, we are too famished to wait on any meal that has been arranged for” Pedro argued back.

“Okay then no problem, we will stop at the next restaurant” Ajeet replied.

“Thank you” Pedro replied and hung up.

Pedro was beginning to feel uneasy about the trip and all but he tried to keep his thoughts to himself so as not to cause panic for his friend Frederick. They drove for few more minutes before Ajeet and Akhil’s car that were in front branched into an open building, the chauffeur driving them also branched into the same building and parked beside Ajeet and Akhil’s car. Don Pedro and Lord Frederick dropped from the car and walked to where Ajeey and Akhil were closely followed by General and Eric.

“What kind of food will you prefer to have because this is like a building that serves as a global restaurants, we have restaurants all over the world here” Akhil said with pipe in his mouth.

“Really? You mean they’d have Airegin restaurant here where they sell Airegin foods?” Frederick asked excitedly

“Hell yeah, as a matter of fact they have more than one Airegin restaurant here from what I have heard” Ajeet replied

“That will be exciting,  please lead us there” Pedro said as they followed Ajeet and Akhil’s lead. In a short moment they were in the restaurant already, they ordered for Airegin’s local meal while Ajeet and Akhil excused themselves to go find something to eat in another restaurant in the same building. Don Pedro and Lord Frederick sat on the same table while General and Eric sat beside them as they made their own orders too. The restaurant made them feel like they were home away from home, it’s setting, the workers, everything about the restaurant reminded them of Airegin, in a short moment their orders were brought by a very beautiful lady. As she she served the orders, Don Pedro couldn’t take his eyes off her for a moment.

“Are you from Airegin” He asked an obvious question as he had already heard her speak their local dialect with her co-worker that passed her their orders.

“Yes sir” She replied with a sheepish smile, served the order and left the table.

“We are alone at last” Frederick said as he uncovered his food “So what do you think”

“I don’t think we need to test that soil sample before we know that the soil is good for the seeds” Pedro replied as he took a spoon filled with food.

“I know right, but how do we throw them off without an argument” Frederick asked again.

“We will do whatever we need to do my friend” Pedro replied.

The Airegin Mafias (Chapter 2) Part 1

The Airegin Mafias

(Chapter 2) Part 1

**Kanturai,  Asia**

Lord Frederick and Don Pedro watched the streets and tall buildings from the backseat as they drove down. Their partners had sent four cars to come and get them and their entourage from the airdrome, so three more heavy cars which contained the Drug Lords men and the hosts men followed behind.

The day was turning dark slowly, few people were just returning from their places of work while some other movements were for leisure. The road was busy but orderly, the law enforcement agencies also helped to maintained order.

They were flagged down as the got close to a police check point. The Asian man who was the driver of the first car rolled down his window and made an eye signal to the police man. The police man nodded in understanding. The driver made another signal displaying three fingers, then he turned his head slowly to the back. The police man nodded again, he got the message passed. He retreated and allowed the four vehicles pass before they continued the check on other vehicles.

It was already dark by the time they got to the hotel. Some attendants, mainly girls who were dressed in mini skirts and short blouses were waiting for them. They helped them moved their bags into the rooms while General and Eric supervised them.

“The air seems fresh here,” Don Pedro said to his friend as they walked into the hotel building.

“Of course it is fresh,” Lord Frederick replied with a smirk. “I can’t wait to begin the talks.”

“That would start in less than two hours,” Don Pedro said , glancing at his wristwatch.

The Drug Lords continued silently to their separate rooms, their personal bodyguards had their rooms next to them. They rested for more than an hour and then changed into new clothes before heading to the casino where the first meeting was going to hold.

__ Vilal Casino __

Lord Frederick covered his ears as they walked past the club. He didn’t always like the idea of meeting at noisy or public places but he couldn’t object since it was the standard for this place of visit.

A very tall muscular man led the two Drug Lords and their personal body guards to the place of the meeting. A scantily dressed girl danced towards Lord Frederick and tried to pull him to herself with his belt, General was faster as he yanked her away from his boss’ front and then walked by the side instead of the back to prevent more occurrences. The girl almost fell to the floor but was held by a man, one of the clubbers, she seemed not to be moved by whatever happened as she immediately c

The tall muscular man leading them paused as he got to the door of the meeting room and knocked. A rectangular part of the door was taken off and someone’s eyes was seen behind the door.

“They are here,” the tall muscular man whispered to the person behind the door.

The door was opened in less than ten seconds and the muscular man ushered in the guests. The guests walked in slowly, three skinny girls dressed only in briefs walked out at the entrance of the guests. Don Pedro licked his lips watching the back side of the girls dancing as they walked outside, he was surely going to have a taste of the Asian girls before they left the country.

Their hosts were seated behind a table used for playing cards, one of them was smoking pipe while the other one was seated alone, he was previously being treated to a lap dance and a twerking session by two of the girls before the arrival of their visitors. Two heavy muscular men, far muscular than General and Eric stood behind the Asian men. They looked fierce and ready for war.

The hosts got up to their feet to honour the guests entrance. The guests got to the seats arranged for them at the other side of the table and stood in front of them.

“Salaam alaikum,” one of the hosts initiated the greeting, stretching forth his hand. “Ajeet Sameer,” he said as he shook hands with Don Pedro first and then Lord Frederick.

“Akhil Mahd,” the other host introduced himself and shook hands with the two guests. “Please have your seats.” Akhil said

The light in the room was dim but the guests could still recognize the men’s faces as those whom they’ve being discussing with on Skype.

The men took their seats, there were four bottles of wine and champagne glasses on the table. Cards were neatly arranged at the middle of the table. A girl hidden somewhere in the dark came out and helped to take the lid off the bottles.

There was a deafening silence for the first minute as the men filled their cups and took the first sips, all at the same time as if they had previously rehearsed the action.

The guests stared intently at the face of their hosts, the men had this extreme seriousness on their faces. Not that they expected them to be full of smiles but there was just this thing about their eyes they couldn’t place.

“How was your trip sirs?” Ajeet finally began. His face seemed to loosen up a bit as he rested forward on the table. There was a small scar on his forehead which made it look like a stamp was placed on it.

“Fine Ajeet, thank you.” Lord Frederick answered.

“We’re glad to have you here, we’ve been making arrangements for over thirty days just to receive you, even the government joined us in the preparation,” Ajeet continued, making all of them laugh at his last statement, Lord Frederick and Don Pedro took it as mere humour. “Yes, that’s true. Ask my friend here?” He asked, turning to Akhil to get support.

“Yes, that’s true.” Akhil joined in. “The government took notice of us as we prepared the landing space and even booked all the rooms of their hotel.”

Another laugh erupted from the guests. “So you mean you had to book all the rooms in hotel?” Lord Frederick said.

“Yes, we did.”

“And talking about the government here,” Don Pedro leaned over forward. “How do you deal with them here?”

“Oh, simple! Though we don’t let them out on our dealings, they respond to us anytime we call for them. We have them at our fingertips,” Akhil answered, tapping his fingers.

“Excellent!” Lord Frederick and Don Pedro said in unison.

“Well, gentlemen let’s go straight to the reason we are all here.” Ajeet began in a serious tone. They all leaned forward to begin the business talk. “Like we told you already, our aim is to build the largest plantation in this continent. I know you people have a strong grip in the world already but it has not being really felt in our continent. That is where we come in. We can be your partners here in Asia and we’ll do the ground job here while we get the special breed of seeds and seedlings from you, what do you say about this?” He stopped and rested back, he poured in some of the wine into the cup while waiting for a response.

“Let’s get this straight, do you want to partner with us or you want us to provide you with seedlings for you to start the plantation?” Don Pedro asked.

“It’s still the same situation, we’re partnering with you anyway you see it.”

“Okay, what I mean is, do you want a continued partnership or we’re here to strike a one time business deal.” Don Pedro rephrased.

“No, we have to remain partners. Remember we told you our soil here is not good enough nursery for the seeds.”

“How have you confirmed that?” Lord Frederick asked.

“The soil scientists have checked,” Akhil answered.

“Meaning you already have a source of seeds?” Lord Frederick raised his eyebrows.

Akhil and Ajeet exchanged a look, “we don’t understand.”

“I mean you guys have gotten some seeds already which you used to test the soil.”

“No, there were no seeds used. Only the soil constituents were used to determine.”

There was a brief silence. “We’ll conduct another test,” Lord Frederick said with a note of finality, resting his back. “And we’ll only continue this discussion after the test.”

Lord Frederick and Don Pedro had one thing in mind, to establish a large production centre there like they had in other countries, that was the major reason they accepted the invitation to discuss business with the Asian Lords – to survey the land for their own benefit. But it seemed the Asian Lords had the same thing in mind, there was a clash of interests. 

To be continued.

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The Airegin Mafias (Chapter 1) Part 8

The Airegin Mafias

(Chapter 1) Part 8

Old John, are you in?” Old John could hear someone call from his window, it was a lady’s voice. He turned to look from where he was seated in the bed but couldn’t see the person’s face well. He got up and hid the small white envelope he was holding in a shelf before walking back to the window. He rolled the curtain and peered through the glass. “Oh, Katherine!” He exclaimed on seeing the face. “Just a minute please,” he rolled down the curtains and quickly returned to the shelf and took out the envelope again. He took another stare at the envelope and smiled, he made a quick silent prayer to the person he paid to write the letter for him. He kissed it lightly and then hurried out. *“I’ve been searching everywhere for you old John, why did you lock yourself in?” Katherine let out her frustration on him. “I’m sorry dear, I was tidying up some things.” Old John replied without paying much attention to her, he fixed his eyes on the envelope, rereading the address again to see if he had written well. “It’s over four hours already and I’m sure we’d soon be leaving,” Katherine continued, “you said you wanted to send me something to Rhoda.” “Yes, this is it.” Old John said with a big smile, staring at envelope once more before stretching it to her with his two hands.“What is this?” Katherine asked, squinting as she tried to read what was written on the envelope. “My Dearest Rhoda.”“Just give it to her please,” Old John replied her. “Okay, I will.” Katherine said and then neatly folded the envelope into her pocket. +++“So have you spoken with Ajeet and Akhil?” Don Pedro asked his friend as they strolled round the green field. General and Eric, the two personal guards of the Drug Lords stood some distance away, hiding under a tree to save themselves from the scorching sun, they kept an eye on their masters who were on the field and also chatted with themselves at the same time.“They called this morning,” Lord Frederick replied. “And they’re ready for us.”“Sounds cool,” Don Pedro gave a brief grin. “Those guys are going to be so big very soon, I can’t believe they’re already demanding for such large quantities of the breed at this level they are now.”“They look promising,” Lord Frederick put in. “They are also having a fast grip on the economy of their nation, major government parastatals are already working with them.”“Yeah, and that is why we must take advantage of their strength and get a strong grip of their nation.”“Yes, and the good news is that according to our survey, we won’t have to stay for long there.”Pedro took a brief pause, “I still have this mixed feelings about them though. They’ve always seen Airegin their country’s competitor in every aspect and they never want to do anything with us. I’m a little bit surprised as to why they want us now.”“It’s nothing Peddy, these guys are not ‘their country’, the country is not the one calling for us. These guys been trying to reach us for eight years now and we’ve been declining their request and I think that their persistence shows their zeal and readiness to work with us.” “Yes, that’s what I’m thinking also.” Pedro agreed with a thoughtful look on his face. “But why don’t we send some of our men in Pakistan to them?”“No Peddy, why are you talking like this?” Lord Frederick scolded his friend. “We have to go, so that we make a closer survey and gain a strong hold of the territory.”“I know but I’m not just feeling too good about it today.”“Come on, remember you pushed for it, I didn’t agree at first but you tried to convince me by showing me the benefits and you succeeded.”“Hmm…”“I think I know what your problem is,” Lord Frederick said with a note of sarcasm, placing a finger on his lips playfully. “What?” Don Pedro gave him a naughty look, already guessing what his friend was about to say. “You don’t want to leave Mabel right now,” Lord Frederick say with a playful look on his eyes. “I saw it in your eyes, the way you were grabbing and touching her during the dance, it was like you wanted to take off her clothes and do a quick one.”“Hahahaha,” Don Pedro burst into an uncontrollable laughter. He stopped after laughing for a minute, “what the hell are you talking about?”“Don’t pretend man, I saw you.” Lord Frederick teased and continued his stroll, leaving his friend as the spot. “The band saw you, the maids and housekeepers saw you, the whole house saw you, we even had to take the kids away from the scene.”“You’re crazy man,” Don Pedro said as he tried to catch up with his friend. “I’m not as crazy as you are.” Lord Frederick said and the men continued their stroll, discussing several other matters. ______“Oh! Miss Laura,” Katherine exclaimed as Laura walked into the room. “Katherine!” Laura called back excitedly. It had been a month she left the Frederick’s house and Katherine was one of the people she greatly missed. Katherine was also elated to see her as Laura was always kind to the maids at their home especially to her. “Miss Laura, its just a month and it seems like it’s been ages you left.” Katherine said excitedly like a two year old kid who just started schooling and was happy at the voice of her mother at the closing time. Katherine stood before Laura and held her palms in hers warmly, staring into her eyes.“Yes, I’ve missed you all Katherine.” Laura said, gently stroking her on the  left cheek. “When would you be done with your service?”“Ermm… In two years?”“Two years?” Katherine widened her eyes in surprise. “Yes, two years. I heard some other people stay longer in service.”“Oh! Two years is a long time.”“Yes, I know but it’ll end sooner than expected.” Laura said with a smile. “So what are you doing?” Laura asked, looking down to the scattered clothes and shoes on the floor.“I’m trying to pack our clothes, we’ll be returning home soon.” Katherine replied and moved back, she bent down and returned to what she was doing before Laura came in. “Let me help you,” Laura bent down and picked up a cloth to help her fold. “No… Miss, don’t.” Katherine refuted strongly, snatching the cloth from her hand. “You’re so kind and you always help me with my duties, you make me feel incompetent already.”“Come on Kath,” Laura folded her lips in as her eye brows gathered together. “I just want to help you with these few clothes.”“No please, you’re so kind.” Katherine refused. Laura folded her arms and gave Katherine a long stare, the maid will never stop reminding her of how kind she was whenever she wanted to help her with anything. A knock sounded at the door and a female’s voice followed. “Katherine, Mrs Silvia wants to see you now.”“Okay, I’ll be right there.” Katherine dropped the cloth in her hands into a bag and proceeded to the door. She didn’t leave without giving Laura a kind of warning look not to help her continue the packing. Laura continued to fold the clothes as soon as Katherine left. She had folded about two and kept them in the bag when she saw a small white envelope. She picked and rose up.“From John,”  she saw at the back side. “To my dearest Rhoda,”  at the front. She got more inquisitive as she saw the names, could it be that Old John was in love with Rhoda? Guilt of invading Old John’s privacy came into her mind but her desire to know what the content of the letter was made her open the envelope and bring out the letter. “Dear Rhoda, It’s been four years now and my soul has continued to yearn for you, I can’t just seem to get you off my mind no matter how hard I try. Everyday the passion for you comes stronger and it doesn’t seem like that passion is ever going to die. Right now, I feel like having to right here with me. I want to look into your eyes and tell you something I was too shy to tell you four years ago. It’s seems big then but I’ve been able to overcome the fear of saying it because I may just die with this fire burning inside of me if I don’t let it out. I love you Rhoda. I love you; I want to live my life with you, I want to raise a home with you and I know you feel the same way too. I know it may seem impossible now but we can conquer with our love; love conquers all. Please, I’ll like to speak to you. I know you can gain access to a phone at night, please call this number; +305 – 772 – 609.  I’ll be expecting your call on Tuesday’s eve. I’ve hidden a little gift for you in a parcel and kept it in Katherine’s ...”Without completing it, Laura quickly folded back the letter and returned it into the envelope as she heard footsteps and voices approaching. She dropped it when she picked it from and continued with the clothes. She turned back and the door opened, she could see her brother’s wife peeping into the room. “Laura?” Silvia called. “Please come,” she added, motioning Laura with her palm. Laura dropped the cloth in her hand on the floor and hurried off with Silvia while Katherine returned into the room.

END OF CHAPTER ONE – Watch Out for Action in Chapter 2

The Airegin Mafias (Chapter 1) Part 7

The Airegin Mafias

(Chapter 1) Part 7

Thank you,” Don Pedro smiled. “Now, grab your cups ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to make a toast.” He said and then led by example by taking his cup first. “But before we make the toast, I’ll like to give an opportunity for Silvia here to say something about my wife.” He added and was greeted by another round of applause as Silvia stepped out.

“Whoever said that some friends are not more than sisters,” Silvia spoke in her soft polished English. “Over the years I have come to realise that even if I had a blood sister, she wouldn’t have been closer and nicer than the way Mabel is to me. She is the sister I never had, she is the bestfriend anybody can ever wish for, she is the complete definition of an Angel.” At this moment, a tear escaped from Mabel’s eyes, she was completely overwhelmed by the immense touching speech of her bestfriend, she couldn’t have wished for a more birthday celebration.

“So today we are here to celebrate Mabel, please I need everyone to raise their glasses as we toast to this beautiful friend, mother and wife.” Silvia also raised her glass just like everyone in the room except some few maids that were hanging around.

“To Mabel,” Silvia announced.

“To Mabel,” They all replied uniformly and the Mariachi bands continued with playing some slow melodious songs while the family of Lord Frederick and Don Pedro settled into the dining table to wine and dine.


“Today is another happy day for the family,” one of the maids said as they were discussing about the celebration, watching the family and their friends dine from afar.

“Everyday is always a happy one for the family,” the second maid said, motioning for her partner to lead the way outside.

“Hi Katherine,” the two maids greeted with a happy smile as they ran into their very good friend at the balcony.

“Hi girls,” Katherine replied with a big smile hugging the two girls.

“Wow! I never knew you were here,” the short maid said, dancing happily.

“Yes, I am, I came with Mrs Silvia. I was watching you guys from afar and waiting for the right time to come and see you.” Katherine replied.

“Oooooh! I’ve missed you so much…” The tall maid was saying when a sound from the back interrupted them.

“Shhh…” Old John hushed them as as he opened the curtains and entered slowly, he was dressed in his smart uniform as usual but had a new bow tie on. He gave the girls a scolding look before he continued talking, “don’t you girls know you’re talking on top of your voices? I’m sure your sounds can be heard by Don Pedro and you know he doesn’t like chit chatting especially, when he’s eating or has guests.” He gave them another serious warning look. The serious look on his face slowly faded away and a smile began to appear as he fixed his gaze on Katherine’s face.

“How are you Katherine?” He finally said with a light smile, offering her a handshake.

“I’m fine,” Katherine returned his smile as she received his handshake. “How about you old John?”

“I’m fine Katherine, thank you.” Old John replied, adjusting his bow tie which seemed to be squeezing out life from him. He adjusted his shirt also and cleared his throat before speaking again. “How about Rhoda?” He asked.

The maids at his both sides burst into uncontrollable laughter at his question, they quickly covered their mouths to conceal the noise. They were both aware of Old John obsession with Rhoda, he always mentioned her at every opportunity he got, especially when they failed to carry out an assignment that he assigned to them.

Rhoda was one of the cooks at the Frederick’s house, she had met with Old John four years ago when Silvia had just given birth and the Pedro’s went to spend some days in the house of their friends. Don Pedro had insisted that Old John, his favorite cook go with him while Mabel had taken two of the maids which happened to be the ones now chatting with Katherine. It was during this period of seven to fourteen days that Old John had developed a relationship with Rhoda who was also advanced in age like himself. She seemed to be the replacement for his long lost love. On the eve of the departure, the maids had caught Old John and Rhoda cuddling each other outside the main building of the house.

“Rhoda is fine,” Katherine answered, taking glances at the two maids and wondering why they were laughing.

“Don’t mind them,” old John said to her. “Please, I have something I want you to help me deliver to her. Do remember to get it from me before you go,” he pleaded.

“Sure, I will.” She said with a smile. Old John paused for a second and held her two hands warmly, then he dropped them and left but not without eyeing the two naughty maids.

“Old John is in love,” the short chubby maid said mockingly in low tones and the taller one joined in laughter.

“I think you guys should give the man some space, he deserves some love too, you know?” Katherine said indifferently.

“Hmm… Maybe you’re right,” the tall maid joined.

“Let’s talk about you now,” the short maid continued with her gossiping character. “Tell us how it has been with him.”

“Him?” Katherine asked, widening her eyes. She knew they were referring to General but didn’t want to give in easily.

“Come on, you know who were are talking about.” The tall maid added, eyeing Katherine naughtily.

Katherine turned to stare around first and then motioned for them to move to somewhere quieter.

They walked away slowly, almost tiptoeing until they got out of the main building into another extension with an open end.

“We can’t go far, I have to stay close so that I can answer if Mrs Frederick calls,” Katherine said, signalling for them to halt there.

The maids halted and eagerly continued to stare at her face, waiting for her to start the gist.

“I and General have been at it, it’s just that I miss him a lot whenever he travels with Lord Frederick, most times they spend weeks, sometimes months. The sad part is they barely spend much time at home even when they’re in town. We only see each other very briefly during the day. It’s only at night times when everyone is asleep we can get to talk very well.”

“Okay, so what are you both planning to do?” The tall maid asked with a childish smile on her face. “Are you guys planning to get married some day?”

“Hmm… We plan to do that whenever we get the opportunity to be free, when we finish serving the Frederick’s.”

“But are we going to ever finish serving? This is the best job opportunity we can ever get because of our educational qualifications.” The tall maid said in a serious tone.

“Yes, I know that.” Katherine said, holding the maids hand. “But we have to move on someday, we have to resign and make our own families. Our bosses would not like us breeding children under them. Just imagine how it would be like if all the maids in your estate gives birth.”

There was a short pause, the two maids seemed to agree with Katherine’s line of reasoning.

“Well, that’s true.” The tall maid finally said with a sigh.

“Yes my friend,” Katherine sighed too.

“So have you guys done it?” The chubby maid asked with a brightened up face.

“Done what?” Katherine asked with her mouth left agape. She knew what the maid was referring to but she wasn’t expecting the question to be asked.

“I mean…” The chubby girl described sex with her hands and a naughty look.


Chapter four.
“Brothers,she is gonna die if we drain her
of her blood” Zach stated remorsefully.
“And who cares?” Greg snickered. “Alright
then,I shall back down on one condition”
Zach sputtered. “Spit it out bro” Greg
urged. “Give me a week to be with her”
Zach requested. “And why should we do
that?” Greg inquired. “Cause I’m your
brother” Zach replied, “That’s not good
enough” Greg retorted. “Alright,as
unbelievable as it may sound,the truth is
I am in Love with her,and I’ve just
started getting to know her,so please a
week with her is all I ask and she is all
yours after that” Zach pleaded. They
stared at each other and at once
transformed back to their normal selves.
“Alright then,a week it is” Greg
stated,then Zach nodded in response and
zoomed away.
That evening,Zach came around Joan’s
home and lurked around the bushes to
stare at her. She looked so beautiful in
her pink short dress,and her smile drove
him even more deeper in love. He stared
sadly as Victor kissed and escorted her to
his ride alongside Vanessa and Coal. “I
love you” he whispered to himself as the
car slowly drove off. He then turned
around and was about to zoom away
when he saw Jordan standing behind him.
“What are you doing here Jordan?” he
inquired, “Just watching your back” he
replied. “I don’t need you to watch my
back,cause a few hours ago you
threatened to rip me apart” Zach
snorted. “You like her,but she likes
someone else,how pathetic” Jordan
mocked, but Zach said nothing. “You can’t
get her without erasing him from the
picture” he added. “I can’t hurt him”
Zach replied. “And why is that?” Jordan
inquired with surprise. “Cause she loves
him,so hurting him will hurt her too and I
don’t wanna see her hurt” Zach
explained. “So you will just let her be
with him until the one week you
requested for expires?” Jordan asked
unbelievably. “I have plans with her
tomorrow,I shall profess my feelings for
her and if she turns me down then I shall
let her be,besides her happiness is all
that matters to me,so it doesn’t matter
whether I am the one responsible for it
or Victor” Zach replied. Jordan stared at
him for a while and said, “I will do it”.
“Do what?” Zach inquired. “I shall erase
Victor from the picture for you” Jordan
stated. “Haven’t you been listening to
me?,I said she’s gonna be hurt if anything
happens to him” Zach retorted. “Hey
listen up brother,we only gave you a
week because we thought you were
gonna spend it with her,but if you aren’t
the one spending it with her then I shall
gladly tell the others to push through
with our plan” Jordan exclaimed. “How
are you gonna eliminate him?” Zach
inquired, “Just leave that to me and
prepare your little love speech for
tomorrow” Jordan replied with a smile
and zoomed away,then Zach followed
At around 10:00pm,Victor drove back to
Joan’s home and dropped her after
dropping Vanessa and Coal at their
respective homes. They kissed and bid
farewell,then he drove for home,and
once again Zach came around to watch
her as she sat on the balcony in her
transparent short nightie to get some
fresh air. He was tempted to go speak
with her but feared she would consider
him a stalker,so he decided to remain
where he was and just stared.
Victor arrived home,exited his ride and
was just about to enter the house when
he received a shove from nowhere,which
threw him a few distance away from
home. In pains he managed to get on his
feet,and all of a sudden saw a scary figure
before him. It was Jordan with the head
of a huge serpent. Victor shivered in fear,
“What do you want from me?” he
inquired with shaky voice. “Your damn
life!” Jordan shrieked,then zoomed
towards him and in no time twisted and
snapped his neck,then let go of the body
for a free fall. He sighed,cracked his
knuckles,turned around and was about to
zoom away when he heard strange sounds
behind him as though bones were fixing
themselves. In shock he turned around
just to find Victor on his feet. “What the
hell!” he whispered to himself in
unbelief,then zoomed again in attempt to
rip off Victors head for good but was flung
away by the heavy shove on the arm
Victor threw at him. That was amazing to
both Victor and himself,this had never
happened before,how the hell did Victor
do that?. Jordan managed to stand up but
all of a sudden felt a very excruciating
pain in the whole of his right shoulder
and arm,to the extent that he couldn’t
move it. Victor felt so good,thus he
charged towards Jordan with rage,but
before he came close,Jordan zoomed
away back to the crescent rock to meet
the others. In pains he shrieked so loud
that Zach could hear,thus he immediately
zoomed away from Joan’s home back to
the crescent rock. “What’s the problem?”
Victor asked in panic, “No idea,he just
returned like this” Greg replied and
sharply ripped off Jordan’s shirt to take a
look at the shoulder. “Oh shit!!,his entire
shoulder bones have been shattered!”
Zach exclaimed. “What the hell!,but he is
supposed to be healing up,why isn’t he?”
Ben inquired with surprise. “No idea,but
whosoever hit him must have done so
with supernatural strength” Greg replied.
“Twas Victor” Jordan whispered in pains,
“What!,that’s ridiculous” Greg exclaimed.
“I snapped his neck,and I swear on
mother’s grave I watched him die,but just
before I left the scene,he stood to his
feet again with rage I have never seen
before,and when I attempted to attack
him again,he did this” Jordan narrated.
“Damn,does that mean he is a shape
shifter like us?” Ben asked curiously.
“No,we are the only shape shifters in the
world. Victor is something else,something
we should be really scared of,so I suggest
we lay low for now until we figure out
what he really is and a way to defeat him”
Zach advised and the others nodded in
response. “What shall we do now?,he is
not healing up” Ben asked in panic. “I
think for now we need medical
intervention until he is able to heal
himself again” Greg replied. “I don’t
wanna go to the hospital,that’s a place
meant for weak stupid humans” Jordan
retorted. “But that’s the only choice we
have,except you wanna remain in pains”
Zach replied. “I can help with that” Betty
said softly. “How?,you’re not even a
doctor” Greg inquired. “I have knowledge
in first aid,at least I can ease his pain and
perform a little therapy until he is able to
heal himself” she replied. “What the hell
is first aid?” Greg asked. “Fine,if you’re
sure you can help him then go ahead”
Zach interjected,and in no time,Betty got
to work. She kept sending them on
errands as though they were her kids to
gather the ingredients needed for the
therapy,and they had no choice but to
Victor couldn’t explain how he survived
nor how he was able to fight that
monster. He kept staring at his hands in
amazement and fear,although part of him
felt good at his victory. He itched so
much to share his story with his girl and
his friends,but decided to keep shut,cause
he knew that no one would believe him.
The next morning,Zach arose early before
the shop keepers opened,and zoomed his
way into a nice boutique,then stole a
simple but nice attire. He was so excited
at the mare thought of going out on a
date with Joan. “Get well soon brother”
he said,then kissed Jordan on the cheek
and zoomed off to Joan’s home. He
gathered himself together and knocked at
her door,then after a couple of
seconds,the door creaked open,and there
stood his angel still in her nightie. She
was amazed, “Oh my God Zach,how are
you?” she asked softly in a sleepy tone.
“I’m ok,uh I guess I’m too early” he
stated with a smile. “Absolutely Zach”
she pouted jokingly. “Sorry,I was just too
anxious,it’s fine,I shall come back later”
he replied and was about to leave, “No
no,it’s fine Zach,come in” she stated,and
so he did.
He stared at her beautiful curves in her
skimpy nightie while she prepared
breakfast. “So where are you taking me?”
she asked while she handed him a cup of
coffee. “where do you wanna go?” he
inquired. “Somewhere simple,quiet with
slow music playing” she replied with a
wink. He stared with no idea where he
could find such a place. She noticed, “Oh
come on,everyone in AZNETH would know
I am talking about Sussan’s Diner” she
supplemented. “Oh,sorry,I’m kinda an
indoor type,so don’t blame me” he
chuckled,then she smiled. “You look really
nice today” she complimented,and
yeah,that was the first time in 2000years
someone actually complimented his
outfit,his heart throbbed with joy. “Wow,I
don’t know what to say,but I hope a
thank you would do?” he asked with a
smile, “Absolutely”she replied with a
lovely smile. Of course,Victor was very
handsome,and so were his brothers, they
are offsprings of the god of light,thus like
their father,beauty was the least of their
qualities. Victor could not help but stare
at her non-stop, “Don’t stare too
much,I’m someone’s property” she joked.
“Of course,lucky him” he replied and
looked away. “Alright,let me go take a
shower,I’d be right back” she assured and
was about to leave for the bathroom
when the door was knocked. She swiftly
headed for it and opened up,it was
Victor. “Hi baby” she hollered and kissed
him,then ushered him in. “Hey Victor”
Zach hollered, “What are you doing here
Zach?” he asked with a frown. “He came
to take me out for a friendly date” Joan
answered softly. “What,a date!?” Victor
exclaimed. “Come on baby,it’s just a
friendly date,you can come along if you
want” Joan replied. “Hey Zach,I warned
you to stay away from my girl didn’t I?”
Victor growled and trotted towards Zach
with clenched fists,but was held by Joan,
“come on Victor stop being childish” Joan
whined. “Childish?,you are in your nightie
alone with a guy that is actually crushing
on you and you look me in the face and
tell me I’m behaving childish?. Alright
then,let me behave like an adult,have
fun” Victor snorted and exited the house.
“It came out wrongly,I’m sorry Vic!” she
apologized but he wouldn’t listen. She
came back to the living room, “I’m
sorry,it’s all my fault,but I shall fix this”
he reassured. “I’m sorry Zach but I’m
afraid I can’t go out with you,cause my
boyfriend doesn’t approve of it” she
stated regrettably, “Of course,I
understand,I’m just sorry I put you in this
situation,hope you two sort things out.
Well then,I shall take my leave,thanks for
coffee” he replied with a forced smile.
“Alright then,take care Zach” she replied
and accompanied him to the balcony and
then shut the door behind her when he
exited. “I guess I shall forever remain
silent about my feelings for you my
angel” he whispered to himself hurtfully
and zoomed away into the woods..


Once upon the time., there was a kingdom, that is was said only a great hero will bring together all the sorcerers, warlocks, witches in his kingdom,
In one kingdom lived folktale like you and me with a vain and great king to rule over them, the king was very rich with wealth and wisdom.
In the kingdom there lived every manner of sorcerers, warlocks, witches in his kingdom, there both enjoyed themselves with harmony and peace, 
performing every feast and magic to the king, the king was very proud with them and they trust with one another but only one person wasn’t, his son Darius.
In the great cave in the kingdom, lived one powerful sorcerer with a little boy, you might take him for his son but he was not just his son, he was a warlock, his nephew.
There we go, and his name was Dave the last dragonlord


Chapter three
she gently moved her hand to the light
switch while victor still moaned and
groaned with pleasure all over her naked
At once she turned on the light but of
course he was so fast in retracting his
fangs and claws. She stared at him for a
while, “What’s the problem love?” he
asked in pretense, “Open your mouth”
she requested. He stared for a while,then
spread his jaws wide open. She looked
but saw nothing, “What is this all
about,have I done something wrong?” he
inquired. “Yes,I mean three days ago I
told you we could do anything together
except for sex,cause I’m not ready to
lose my virginity now and you told me
you would wait and give me all the time I
need,but here you are today trying to do
it” she replied with a frown. “Whatever”
he exclaimed and exited the room. She
was stunned,what has gotten over Victor
to act this way?. She quickly opened the
door to call him back but he was long
Schools reopened the next day cause
students had to study and life had to
continue. Joan and Vanessa were seated
in the school canteen chattering when
Victor showed up with and kissed Joan on
the forehead then grabbed a seat beside
her. “Hi Vanessa,Hi Joan” he hollered. “Hi
Vic” Vanessa replied but Joan
didn’t,instead she ignored him and
pretended to be typing. “Hey Joan,any
problem,did I do something wrong?” he
asked curiously,yet she ignored. “What’s
up sweetheart,are you okay?” Vanessa
asked with concern. “No I’m not,and
that’s because of Victor” she snorted.
“Hey calm down,what have I done
wrong?” he inquired. “What I hate most
are pretenders,you did something
yesterday and instead of apologizing you
pretend right to my face like nothing
happened. You know what,go to hell,I’m
not going to the movies with you” she
snapped angrily and swiftly trotted away.
“Go after her” Vanessa advised,then he
quickly went after her and took her arm.
“Hey calm down Joan,I really have no idea
what I did yesterday that hurt you but I
am sorry for whatever it is” he
apologized. “You still don’t accept that
you did something wrong so why should I
forgive you?” she asked and was about to
walk away, “Alright,I’m sorry for
yesterday,it will not happen again” he
apologized,then they kissed and returned
to the canteen together.
After school,Vanessa,Victor,Coal and Joan
walked home together since they used
the same road. “I still can’t get Betty out
of my mind,it’s all I my fault,I brought the
idea of a picnic,and I never believed what
victor said” Coal lamented. “It’s no one’s
fault buddy,afterall we never knew
something like that was gonna happen,so
don’t beat yourself up” Victor consoled.
“Victor and I would be going to the
movies today,you guys care to come?”
Joan inquired. “Absolutely yes,we shall
come along” Vanessa replied and Coal
nodded in response.
Victor accompanied Joan and Vanessa
home but stayed a while longer with Joan
outside her home chit chatting,and just
then Zach showed up. “Hi Joan” he called
out and walked towards them, “Hey
Zach,how are you?” she asked politely,
“I’m fine and you?” he inquired with a
charming smile, “Fine thank you” she
replied. “Uh Zach,meet my boyfriend
Victor,and Victor meet my friend Zach”
she added. “Hi Victor,nice meeting you”
Zach stated with a smile, “Nice meeting
you too Zach” Victor replied with a firm
handshake. “So where are you from
Zach,you look familiar?” Victor inquired
with this ‘I-know-this-face-somewhere’
kinda look. “I’m from around here.
AZNETH has been and will always be my
home” Zach replied. “I think I should get
going,have a good day guys” he added. “I
think I should too,why don’t we walk
together at least to know each other
better?” Victor requested. “Perfect” Zach
giggled. “Alright guys,have fun” Joan
stated with a smile. “I shall come pick
you at exactly 7:00pm” Victor reassured
and kissed her. Then walked alongside
Zach, “Since when did you start crushing
on her?” Victor inquired. “What do you
mean?” Zach asked. “Let’s not play
games,you know what I mean. I saw the
way you were looking at her,you
definitely like my girl” Victor replied. “And
what’s wrong with that?” Zach asked with
a smile. “Everything is wrong with that.
Listen up,Joan is my girl so backoff!”
Victor cautioned, “Or what?” Zach
growled. “Or I’d give you pains that you
have never felt in your entire life” Victor
snorted and walked very close to Zach
until they were staring eyeball to eyeball.
Zach smiled, “you know nothing about
pain little boy” he said. “Do not call me a
little boy again” Victor growled and
grabbed Zach’s arm. “Careful little boy!”
Zach growled with burning fury. “I said do
not call me that again!” Victor exclaimed
then clenched his fist with rage and was
about to throw a punch but was halted by
Vanessa’s voice, “What’s going on here?”
she inquired. “Nothing”Victor replied.
“This doesn’t look like nothing,I’ve been
watching you two from my window for a
while now” she stated. “Lucky you
today,but I want you to remember
this,You cannot play with fire and expect
it not to burn,little boy” Zach drawled and
walked away,and as soon as he was out of
sight he zoomed away into the woods.
“What took you so long?” Jordan inquired,
“I went to see someone” Zach replied.
“Well I have good news for you” Greg
sputtered. “I’m all ears” Zach stated
curiously, “We’ve found the person whose
blood resurrected us” Zach said excitedly.
“And who would that be?” he asked, “Your
lovely Joan” Greg smirked,then all of a
sudden Zach’s joy turned into sorrow.
“Who told you such shit?,Joan is just an
ordinary girl” Zach retorted. “That’s what
you think,but Betty told us the night we
were resurrected was the night Joan was
brought here by some guy named Robert
who tried to force himself on her,and as
they struggled Robert slammed her head
a couple of times with a rock which
almost costed her the whole of her
blood” Greg narrated. “That is absurd,this
bitch Betty can just say anything to
implicate her friends as a revenge for
abandoning her” Zach roared and zoomed
towards Betty with the intention of
ripping off her head but was stopped by
Greg. “Betty is mine remember,so you
have no right to lay a finger on her.
Besides she cannot lie to me,cause she
fears me,isn’t that right Betty?” Greg
asked with an evil gaze and she nodded
several times in panic. “Good,now backoff
brother,and let us go fetch your bitch,you
should be happy that we are soon gonna
reunite with our brothers” Greg smirked.
“I will not let you lay a finger on her!!”
Zach growled loudly with burning fury and
sharply shifted his face into a fearsome
beast,popped out his fangs and claws
,then stood in a combat formation. At
once his brothers also roared and shifted
their heads into vicious beasts then
zoomed closer to Zach in battle
formation. Betty gently sneaked behind
the crescent rock in fright. “You are out
numbered brother,back down or we shall
tear you limb by limb” Jordan growled in
an animal tone…




The village of Tankute was once known to be inhibited by both man and cannibals, they always lived in peace and harmony, they cooperated with each other and there was no conflict between them. The cannibals were allowed to eat raw meats from the bush while the humans ate the normal food of the humans. The cannibals were known never to age nor die, they could only be killed with fire but during the time, no one dared kill them. They continued to live in this peace and harmony until about a hundred years later when the cannibals started to crave for power. According to them, since the beginning of time, the cannibals has never been allowed to rule, only the humans ruled Tankute. They said that since they lived with the humans and that Tankute belonged to them both, they should also be allowed to rule the land. The humans didn’t agree to this, according to them, Tankute belonged to their forefathers and that their forefathers only allowed the cannibals to stay amongst them due to pity and love. Although this myth was true, the humans never had anything to prove it, rather the cannibals opposed it by saying that it was them who had Tankute and they only pitied the humans whom had come from an unknown place to settle with them. They said they knew of this since they had lived from time in memorial and had seen this happening. The humans who only lived for some certain period of time and had not witnessed things from the start of time had nothing to back them up but still, they wouldn’t just leave Tankute for the cannibals. Due to this disagreement, fight broke out between man and Cannibals, for the first time, man used fire against the cannibals and thus making them flee from Tankute into the jungles. They lived in the jungles and planned their attacks from there. During the course of the fight between humans and cannibals, some of the humans had been bitten by the cannibals and thus also turning them to cannibals, this was due to the fact that the saliva of the cannibals were poisonous, once it get into you, you automatically become like them. Some of the humans who had been bitten by the cannibals went with the cannibals while some still remained disguising as humans. Of these few among the humans was Shallom Ewite, a member of the Manhunters, the guardian of Tankute. Though Shallom was a cannibal, she still defended humans with all her strength and might and never for once did she rebel against them. As the humans improved their armies and called them the Manhunters, so also did the cannibals also raise armies and called them Man-eaters. As generations went by, a new leader of the Manhunters emerged, the fierce Wenakite. Wenakite took to defending his people with all his strength. Not only that, he also ensured to send away cannibals among the Manhunters who were not entirely faithful to the Manhunters. His most loyal warrior was the ever young Shallom who had lived through time from the time of his fathers and watched him grow. She was very loyal to him and he never knew she was a cannibals as she gave him no reason to believe so.
Now all the cannibals came up to take down Wenakite, they waited patiently till a time he will be vulnerable to attack and that time was when his wife was at the point of delivery. They had attacked him at home where he was with his wife who was in labour, he had tried to fight them off and rescue his wife but they were stronger. With a little chance, he managed to escape with his wife to the stream where she delivered her set of twins and died, the cannibals also followed him to the stream and made sure they killed him before leaving that day, leaving the twins to also die. The twins didn’t die as Shallom soon came to their rescue, she saw what had happened and took the twins. To the first twins she bit him and thus turning him to a cannibal and then putting him in a basket and into the stream that led to the village of Atata. To the second, she dropped by the stream side to be picked by the village barren widow, Chika. She ensure the twins was in safe hands that day before leaving the stream side, unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one watching that second twin that day, on one of the trees was Chila, the commander of the Man-eaters, he had stayed behind to see what happens to the twins so as to report back to the cannibals.
That twins set to Atata that day grew up to be Gabriel Omiyi, the fearless spy of Newriton while the second in Atata grew up to become Karma, the leader of the new generation Manhunters who is now set to take down the Cannibals.
The Shallom Ewite of that time was later caught by the cannibals and placed under guard after she refused to be part of them, she had been in that room for over twenty years with the hope of saving humanity one day.

To be continued.

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The Airegin Mafias – (Chapter 1) Part 6

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 1 Part 6

A soft knock on the door woke Mabel from her sleep, she opened her eyes and yawned. She looked to the side of her bed and her husband wasn’t there, she sat up and looked around the room, there were no signs of him. Could he have left already to Asia? She thought. But he would never leave without giving her a goodbye kiss and there was no way he was going to do that without her feeling it. She rolled the blanket off her body and placed her feet into the sandals on the ground by the right side of the bed. The knock came again. From the softness and calmness of the knock, she could tell that it was Anne. She got up and proceeded towards the door.

“Good morning my beautiful princess,” she said as she opened the door and Anne ran into her legs.

“Good morning mum,” Anne released her mum’s legs and held unto one of her palms. “Let’s go for breakfast.”

“Anne? Breakfast?” Mabel asked in surprise, staring down at the little figure before her. She noticed that Anne was dressed up in a beautiful gown that was unusual that Saturday morning, she squatted and touched the kid’s cheeks.

“Who dressed you up like this? And how come you’re up so early this Saturday morning, is there an occasion I don’t know about?” Mabel asked. Little Anne gave her an awkward look in reply, she folded her arms sulkily and pouted her lips.

Mabel had finished asking the question already before remembering it was her birthday. Not that she totally forgot but she wasn’t expecting any celebration since her husband who always organized celebrations for her had to leave urgently for Asia that morning.

“Laura dressed me up like this,” Anne finally answered, grabbing her mum’s hands again. “Now, would you come for breakfast?”

“Hmm… You have to give me sometime little Angel, I need to change my clothes before I join you.”

“Five minutes,” Anne said with a stern voice and a commanding look on her face, signifying five with her fingers.

“No Anne, five minutes is too small,” the mother refuted playfully.

“Okay, ten minutes.” Anne said and spread out her two palms to emphasize the duration.

“Okay dear,” Mabel said. Anne turned after pecking her mum on the right cheek and ran off.

Mabel closed the door and turned back. She wondered how her birthday was going to be that day, without her husband by her side, it would be the most boring celebration she ever had. It was her first birthday celebration he was going to miss and she somehow felt awkward about it. She knew he wouldn’t have loved to miss it and would have preferred to postpone anything that could interfere but she was the one who encouraged him to travel after hearing him receive a call which demanded for his urgent attention, the only thing she wasn’t too pleased about was his leaving without waking her up or saying goodbye.

She stood before the mirror and began to take off her night gown slowly, memories of her romantic sessions with Don Pedro flashed back to her mind. She recalled how he would have grabbed her waist from behind if he was at home and kiss her softly on the neck till she completely takes off the gown. Then he would fondle some other sensitive parts of her body and turn her to face him. Then a deep kiss would have followed and the next one hour would have been used in the bed.

After a total of eight minutes, she was able to clean her mouth and wash her face, she also change into a lighter dress. She wasn’t planning to take her breakfast yet until she had her bath but she just had to go out to the dining because Anne would be expecting her and may feel disappointed if she didn’t show up at the right time.

She met no one; cleaners, maids or other workers on the way as she walked to the living room. The living room also looked empty, like nobody had been in the place that morning. She was wondering if her thoughts were true until she saw the table at the dining room with dishes and juice packs neatly arranged. She got close to the dining and observed that the table was prepared for five people, she began to wonder what was going on.

She was still wondering when she began to hear sounds of music instruments and brigade drums rolling. Soon a mariachi band neatly dressed in a blue and white uniform entered in through one of the doors and began to march round the living room as they played. They had a large bass guitar, a violin, a trumpet and a French horn.

The lead singer moved closer to the pleasantly surprised Mabel and began to sing a birthday song to her in his baritone voice. After rendering his verse of the song, another singer was heard singing from one of the inner rooms, it was a lady’s voice. Soon the lady came out from the room and it appeared to be Silvia, she was followed behind by Laura who was carrying the baby boy in her arms.  Both of them were dressed in  cream colored short gowns which exposed their cleavages and Silvia’s thighs because of her baby bump.

“Oh Dear Heavens!” Mabel exclaimed, all smiles as she saw her friend. Nobody else could have come up with this kind of idea except Silvia, she thought never knowing she was still in for a bigger surprise.

Then the voice of a third singer emanated from another room, it sounded familiar but Mabel had a hard time deciding whose voice it was as it perfectly blended with the musical instruments and the backup singers voices. It sounded like her husband’s voice but she thought it couldn’t be him as he was supposed to be on his way to Asia and even if he was available, he wasn’t a very good singer whose voice and pitch would perfectly blend with the rest of the band.

The new voice approached and to her greatest surprise, Don Pedro was the singer. He was dressed in a cream shirt and blue trousers, a blue waist coat was also added to compliment the combination. Don Pedro was followed behind by Lord Frederick who was holding Carl with him. Carl was also dressed like the men. Only one person was left, Anne.

Soon her little voice continued the song from where Lord Pedro stopped, it sounded somewhat close to Mabel and to her surprise, Anne came out from behind the dining table. She walked past her mum singing as she moved towards the other singers, they both formed a stood on a line while the non singers stood behind them and the mariachi band behind the non singers. Anne ended her part of the song and the four singers combined their voices together as they sang in harmony the last four lines of the song. They ended their song with a thunderous applause and loud shouts.

Anne was the first to run to her mother who picked her up and kissed her on both cheeks, then Don Pedro slowly stepped closer to his overwhelmed wife. He held her by the waist and they both looked into each other’s eyes for some seconds before Don Pedro covered her lips with his.

The kiss was brief but deep. Don Pedro held her hand and held Anne’s hand at the other side, then he stepped down from the dining room with them.

“Where are the maids?” He shouted playfully.

As if previously rehearsed, the maids trotted in rhythmically from different angles of the house carrying bottles of wine and cups on trays.

“Today, I’m celebrating the most precious gift in my life, my most valuable treasure and the best thing that ever happened to me.” Don Pedro began a speech, taking glances at Mabel’s face as he spoke. “She is the most beautiful woman in the world, the best wife in the world and the best friend I’ve ever had…” His voice was drowned by the thunderous applause and blare of the musical instruments. After a minute, there was quietness again.

“Thank you,” Don Pedro smiled. “Now, grab your cups ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to make a toast.” He said and then led by example by taking his cup first. “But before we make the toast, I’ll like to give an opportunity for Silvia here to say something about my wife.” He added and was greeted by another round of applause as Silvia stepped out.

…to be continued

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